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5 Star Reviews

Read what people are saying about the first edition of Behind the Glass.

From the cover of the 2nd edition of Behind the Glass : Book One of the State Street Series ~

"This is the perfect summer read!" - Rebecca Henry
"A romance novel that will keep you captivated from start to finish!" - Dr. Leanna Floyd

“Love is a choice and not one without consequences. This book captures all these emotions... and more. A brilliant read.”

M.L. Broome

“Behind the Glass took me to a place of raw, unadorned love. Emotionally deep, true and honest love.”

Elece Farberov

“Kristen Morgen’s fiction reads like poetry. If you need a break from reality, I would highly recommend this piece of art.”

Elane Finn

"THIS IS HOW ROMANCE MOVIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WRITTEN (In my head, I read this book like it was a romance movie)."

Anna M.

“Kristen Morgen did a wonderful job penning this beautiful love story. The struggles of two people caught up in their emotions and the complications they encounter. A true angsty love of two soulmates.”

Trisha Harley McCarthy

"If you enjoy the heartwarming movies on Hallmark that make you swoon and smile and happy sigh, you need to read Behind The Glass."


"This is the kind of love story I enjoy. It’s more of a “life” and “relationships “ story. The way it is written made me connect easily with the characters. I could really get lost in the writing. Beautiful."

Bb Dela

"I literally loved everything about this sweet, beautiful, love story. This is one of those stories that adds joy to your day as these characters find a permanent place in your heart. Behind the Glass is the first book that I have read by Kristen Morgen, but it won’t be that last"

Michelle Diomede

"A truly beautiful book with deep and beautiful characters. Michael was such a sweet and swoon worthy love interest! This romantic tale will definitely pull on your heartstrings in the worst and best ways, and the end left me feeling giddy and satisfied!"

T. Steele